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Hello lads and ladies, my name is Linsey. I am the creator of the ARE Study Guide, and the companion podcast, the ARE Study Guide Podcast. (Very original name, I know.)

I developed these resources to fill the gap I found when I began studying. None of the study guides I read were adequate for helping me to feel prepared to take my first Architectural Registration Exam®, so instead of being able to study within one month, like I thought I would, it took me six months to read most of the NCARB recommended books. It was a lot of work! Of course, the material was great, and I learned a lot, but I thought there should definitely be an easier way for people to take, and pass the Architectural Registration Exams.®

As I take each test, I develop a study guide based on the information I read. The study guides I develop are not bare-bones, just barely pass study guides. Honestly, I don’t care that much about “just passing.” My goal is to become an exceptional architect. I imagine if you have been willing to put in all the time of schooling and interning, you can relate. This isn’t about just passing a test so that you can call yourself an, “architect.” The purpose of taking these tests is to equip yourself with the knowledge that will empower you to be great at what you do.

I am excited for you. This is a really amazing journey to be on, and I hope I can help you along the way.