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“A fresh study guide, prepared by someone actively taking the ARE.”

When I started studying for the ARE, I quickly realized there was a lack of relevant, reliable content to help me prepare. I found the best way to study for my first test was to read 14 books NCARB used when developing the tests. It took me almost six months to prepare. Yes, after all that reading, I thought the test itself was pretty easy, and I passed on my first try; but, I realized there had to be a better way to study.

Instead of reading incomplete study guides that were developed for previous versions of the ARE, most of which are written by people who haven’t actually even taken the current version of the tests, I wondered why not create a fresh study guide, prepared by someone actively taking the ARE? Since I have to read most of the books anyways to prepare myself, why don’t I just save everyone else the time, energy, and stress, and share what I learn?

My mission with this project is to help everyone taking their Architectural Registration Exams have an easier, less stressful test taking journey, and hopefully I can even produce content that is fun, engaging, and immediately applicable for use in your career. Ultimately, I want to help us all become exceptional architects.

For each exam, I will release a free podcast series, and a study guide that is available for purchase. For all of the information needed to pass an ARE division, you’ll need the study guide. If you just want a refresher on some key topics, check out the podcast!

This content will be released as I take and pass each exam. All of the information and resources I use to study will be included in each study guide. Thus, I’ll serve as a firsthand guinea pig on the content’s worth for passing the test. After I pass, I’ll release the study guide and podcast series for that exam division. Click here to see my study plan.